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Mozilla news

The ex-CEO of  is announcing Brave web browser that will block all ads

Mozilla Corporation
Brendan Eich was announced his latest project. Eich is one of the founders Mozilla. He is also the JavaScript creator. In 2014, he was elected as CEO of the Mozilla Corporation. But, no longer after being CEO, he was highly criticised regarding a donation. Finally, he resigned from the role. As one of Mozilla founders, he knows many things about web. Now, he is launching a new startup that is called Brave. Brave is aimed to make the web user more comfortable. Eich said that advertising is disturbing. It tracks the user with cookies, fingerprinting, tracker pixels, etc. It can slow down internet to boot. So, he wants to make a new web browser that can block all adverts.
As said by Eich in an interview, Brave will give 2 benefits: Privacy and speed. This new browser will provide extra safety for the user. Some advertising are invasive. They will increase profiles to users by ads. It is the reason why many people use anti tracking plugins. The new browser will also increase the speed to load page. Ad tech and trackers will slow down the time to load pages. Eich claimed that by blocking the junk, the browser speed can gain 2-4 times faster. The other browser should be added with Adblock Plus, Ghostery, and to match with the Brave’s speed.
Brave will block the adverts and replace them with new adverts. It will notice where the adverts should go and replace them with new programmatic advert. By using this role, Eich can offer better deal with publishers. Brave will get around 15% of the revenues. 55% of revenues will go for the publisher, 15% will go for the ads supplier and10-15% will go for the user directly. It will allow the users making micro-payments automatically to the publishers that they like.
Brave will be obtainable on several major platforms, such as: Windows,  OS X, Android and iOS. The public launch is scheduled for the later 2016. If you want to test Brave, you should download and put up the browser from GitHub repo. You are able to sign up as beta tester that most likely grants you pre-built binaries.
For running the concept, Brave work should work with all of the big advertising networks directly. But, Ad networks might have little reason to collaborate with Brave. They are buying the space on website, but they should pay again to display their content that should be shown in 1st place.

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